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I feel like this should be pretty self-explanatory. I’m drawing these for a zine at my college (and they have a tumblr! lips-appstate.tumblr.com!), but submissions are due today, so they’re a bit more rushed than I would have liked.

I tried to be inclusive and not-shitty. Hopefully I succeeded at that. There are more of these I’d like to draw, but like I said, time limitations :P


The intent of this group of photos is to illustrate the countless comments fat women are told by their peers, elders and countless random people on how exactly they should dress. We’re told our bodies are offensive. That the only way to resolve the suggested “problem” is to cover up, to make ourselves more appealing by putting clothes over our stretch marks, our cellulite, our so-called “imperfections”. We see magazines with How to Get Your (Very Unattainable) Perfect Bikini Body as highlights and heaven forbid a fat woman with a stomach be seen in a bikini. We are encouraged to buy cover ups to go over our sad one piece because “no one wants to see that big of a stomach”.

People have told me my shirt is too low-cut “for a fat girl to be wearing”. People have told me “those horizontal stripes make you look even worse”.
People have told me that I need to wear pants instead of shorts in 100+ degree Texas weather because my cellulite is showing.

People think they have the right to dress you as a mannequin because they feel better when you aren’t visible under the clothes they drape over you. 

You do you, you dress you, you do whatever the hell you want and what makes you happy.

And for all the people who have contributed to this ridiculous notion that we can’t seem to dress ourselves, this is a not so subtle FUCK YOU.

If I don’t have a show on a Saturday night me and my cat will have our backup Saturday night plans. So I’ll make a meal and I’ll rent a movie for the two us, and then sometime after dinner and a movie he was like ‘Mama do you wanna get high?’ And I’m like ‘Fuck yeah, let’s get high baby!’

Debra DiGiovanni, Single Awkward Female

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I bet you, 9 out of 10 times I’m more fun than an unconscious woman.
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Here’s one of my favorites: “Pleasantly plump.” Let me tell you something. If you call me “plump” it will not be fucking pleasant.
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you know what my breaking point is? Murder. If you murder someone I can’t date you, we can fool around a bit but I’m not gonna date you.
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